Privacy and Data Protection

To make prediction efficient, AEED caches a copy of every ticket on your system. If there is confidential information that you do not wish to be copied in this fashion, ensure that the account that AEED uses to log in to your system does not have access to those tickets. Obviously, these tickets cannot be used as data for making future predictions.

That said, IFOST takes reasonable precautions to make sure that your data is not leaked or exposed in any way, to IFOST employees or outside parties. All customer data is stored on an isolated network and accessible only to authorised applications. Two factor authentication is in place. Only authorised staff have access to the AEED source code and to the customer data.

When you uninstall AEED from the Atlassian Marketplace, all ticket data is deleted. We may choose to keep statistical summaries of the success of our models on your data (e.g. "the Queckt algorithm was correct 95% of the time") but after uninstallation, we will not keep the ticket data itself.